Medic Alert Information

When an emergency happens, whether it’s a heart attack or a car accident, it’s critical that medical service providers have access to health information for anyone who needs assistance.

The primary role of medical information is to provide information to enquiries made by paramedics and healthcare professionals

It’s not only for the on-scene help. Once the paramedics get the patient to the hospital, the variety of medications and procedure history available makes it vitally important for the treatment team to know as much as possible about the patient. Make the information easy for the paramedics to relay to the hospital.

While you can’t predict when an emergency may happen, you can be prepared. Make sure that key health information is up to date, accurate and handy.

If you have children, it is important to handle their emergency health information similarly. You may not be available to provide needed information in an emergency.

Include in your information insert the following information:
  • Your name, Date of birth
  • Your Medical Aid information
  • Your chronic medical conditions, such as epilepsy. If there is no condition then a standard cover is ordered
  • Your medication names & doses that need to be relayed to the emergency services
  • Your medical equipment (if applicable) such as pacemaker
  • Aspects of your health history that could be helpful to emergency medical responders, including allergies, Haemophilia, Thrombosis, etc
  • Phone numbers for a personal emergency contact, such as a friend or a family member who you’ve asked to serve in this role


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