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Personalised Medical Alert covers.

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Medical Alert Covers

Our products display your vital, life-saving information to emergency workers when you are unable to communicate


Supporting Local Business

Giving back to those in need.

ibhande is all about supporting local business’s and medical awareness, as well as giving back to those in need. A percentage from the profit of all purchases will be donated to the association associated with the chosen condition. For those who have chosen the generic Medical cover – a donation will go to a health associated charity that we will be partnering with


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Ensure that you are always
safe in an emergency

Choose ANY condition and ANY colour – Fully Customizable

Personalized Medical Alert covers for standard car seats, truck seat belts, infant car seat straps, airplane seat belts, back packs, stroller handles, wheelchairs, Zimmer frames, bicycle frames, golf bag slings and the likes. Manufactured with top quality workmanship and materials in South Africa


with the information provided by you that will be printed and inserted into the cover

Soft and Comfortable

Made from Neoprene material which soft and sturdy. It is washable and sun and fade resistant

Safer for the Family

Providing cushioning when emergency brakes or accidents occur


Our covers can be used for cars, trucks, airplane seat belts, handbags, baby diaper bags, etc.

Easy to Use

No extra tools are required. Just wrap the cover around the seatbelt strap or the item you will be using it on and adjust it to fit nicely with the velcro. Once it is on you can then adjust it into position that is most comfortable for you


Easy to remove to put onto something else or to clean

About ibhande

  • Who Needs a Cover Like This
Who Needs a Cover Like This
Babies and young children who are unable to communicate for themselves

Persons with any medical conditions that need specialised care, for example:
  • Haemophilia
  • Allergies
  • Diabetes
  • Heart conditions
  • and any physical or mental disabilities

Elderly people who suffer from Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease

Outdoor sport enthusiasts such as cyclists, golfers, etc

Truck drivers and reps who are on the road for many hours a day/night that may have a higher risk for car accidents

Even if you or your family don’t have a condition, this cover will speak on your behalf when you can’t

It gives responders the vital information about whether the patient has medical aid or not so EVERYONE needs it not only ones with specific conditions
  • What information does it provide
What information does it provide
Your full name

Your medical aid details so the ambulance knows which hospital to take you to (private / public)

Your medical condition so they know what special care is needed

Your next of kin’s details so they know exactly who to contact to notify them of what has happened and where you or your loved ones are being taken to so they can come to the respective hospital

Your doctors contact details


On the order page you will select the colour, then the condition you have or select the Generic or Blank cover options and finally the Responsiveness. For the insert, ibhande will send you an email for your personal details and information that we will print and insert into the cover for you before we send  it to you. Should you want the inserts to be sent to you blank so you can complete yourself, please just respond to the email informing us of this. We will include 2 additional blank cards so that if any of your details change you can complete them and insert.

All orders and payments for the product are done online. We use a safe payment gateway, Paygate, that will ensure that your transaction and credit card details are secure. There is also an EFT option on Paygate should you prefer.

Everything is completed online to make it quick and easy for you including payments.

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  • Make sure the correct cover is on the item being used so that they are your details and not someone else’s
  • Place Cover over belt, bike frame, bar and fasten velcro strips securely so that the Medical Condition is facing outwards
  • Ensure it is secured and easily visible
  • When wearing them on the seat/infant seatbelts, wear them so they do not cut into your neck but are comfortably over the chest

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